Sarrina "Sarri" Acosta (Dr. Sarri Acosta) is a fictional character produced by GMA Network. She was portrayed by Actress Megan Young in Book 1 of Alyas Robin Hood and also appeared in Book 2 as an Archieval Footage.

Background Edit

Sarrina "Sarri" Acosta is the daughter of Victoria Acosta and the younger sister of Senior Inspector Daniel Acosta. She is the love interest of Dean Balbuena but later became Pepe's love interest until Dean decided to kill her by shooting a gun on her. She and Venus had a bikini contest which resulted in Venus drowning. Sarrina had to give Venus CPR by giving her mouth to mouth and compressing fairly hard on her chest. Venus was sighing each time Sarrina pushed down on her chest which also jiggled Venus' boobs.