"Swabe!" -Pepe's Catchphrase

Jose Paolo De Jesus better known for his nickname Pepe is the main protagonist of the TV series, Alyas Robin Hood produced by GMA Network. He is portrayed by actor Dingdong Dantes.

Background Edit

Jose Paolo De Jesus also known as Pepe was the second born son of Jose De Jesus and Judy De Jesus. He has an older brother, Caloy De Jesus, sister-in-law Cynthia De Jesus and niece Lizzy De Jesus.

During his childhood, he always gets himself involved in fighting people and does it to help others. As he grew older, he finds numerous jobs to earn money. At first, he was working as a bartender for Armando Estanislao but retired afterwards.

During his way back home, he met Sarri Acosta and they became friends. They also found love on the way home. When he returned home, his father wasn't pleased thinking that he would bring trouble back home

Some days later, Pepe and his father rekindled their relationship as he discovered that Pepe passed a bar exam to become an attorney. His father was working as a driver of Dean Balbuena. One day, Jose heard Dean talking with Maggie Balbuena, Wilson Chan, and Chino about their corrupt business. Dean found out that Jose heard their talk and Wilson commanded Dean to killed Jose.

Pepe went home and saw his father on their garage with an arrow on his back. Everyone was shocked after seeing this situation. Caloy mentioned Pepe as the killer of Jose De Jesus.

After the burial of Jose De Jesus, Pepe went into jail and was mentioned by Maggie Balbuena as the killer of his own father.

When Pepe was being transported to another prison, Chino attempted to assassinate Pepe by placing a bomb on the vehicle holding him causing everyone to think that Pepe was dead. Somebody found his body and helped him. Her name is Venus. She helped Pepe move on. She told Pepe's mother that Pepe is alive. With the help of Jekjek, he was given a weapon for him to wield. When Jekjek's grandmother saw Pepe with a bow and an arrow, she told "Robin Hood is alive!" Julian Balbuena took a video of him.

After he was taken a video, Julian named him as Alyas Robin Hood on a annonymous website named The Dog Eye

His first mission was to bring the local Barangay captain Adelita Mayuga to justice. She was in fact one of the associates of Wilson Chan who knows everything about the death of his father. She created an illegal drug named Zombie Pills. During Pepe's mission, Adelita didn't know that he was alive. Pepe brought out the Zombie Pill victims to seize the corrupt Barangay captain and caused her to go insane.

Pepe's second mission was Nancy Benitez. A baby kidnapper with the help of Dr. Benitez. He also know about the death of Pepe's father. Nancy victimized many people. With the help of Junjun, Pepe knew where Nancy's house was located. During his mission, Benitez told Pepe who killed his father and that was Wilson Chan.

Pepe's third mission was the King Eye, an organization created and led by Mama Daisy. The organization itself kidnapped many people like Julian Balbuena and Lizzy De Jesus. The kidnapped person will be having a cosplay fight. Pepe also became one of the victims of the King Eye and named him Askal. During his cosplay fight, he told Venus where it was located. After the cosplay fight, they escaped with the other cosplay fighters including Julian and Lizzy. While they escaped, Mama Daisy visited Maggie's house talking about the King Eye. When Maggie knew that Julian was kidnapped by Daisy, she poisoned Mama Daisy and died.

The mission isn't finish yet. He disguised himself as Cris Bonifacio on a hotel where the King Eye basement was held. Sarri visited the hotel by the request of the Balbuenas. She believed that Pepe was not dead. Everyone didn't know that the King Eye victimized the Mayor and found an imposter of himself. When Pepe knew that the King Eye killed the mayor and stole the body, he fought with Chino. Chino knew that he was Pepe and not Cris Bonifacio. He kidnapped Pepe and sent him to Wilson Chan. Later, Venus with the help of her father fought with Wilson Chan and escaped.

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