Elizabeth "Lizzy" De Jesus is a fictional character produced by GMA Network. She was portrayed by Actress Lindsay De Vera in both Book 1 and Book 2 of Alyas Robin Hood.

Background Edit

Prologue Edit

Lizzy De Jesus is the daughter of Caloy De Jesus and Cynthia De Jesus. She is also the niece of Pepe and the granddaughter of Judy De Jesus.

Book 1 Edit

Lizzy De Jesus met Julian Balbuena on a school were they later have feelings on each other until Rex later became the rival of Julian for Lizzy. He later give up and let Julian and Lizzy to have feelings on each other.

Book 2 Edit

Lizzy worked for Father And Son Comics (which was being owned by Andres) together with Julian and Rex. She also helped her father and her uncle, Caloy De Jesus and Pepe in order to search for her grandmother, Judy whom was being lost until she found out that her grandmother was about to escape together with Pablo and Rigor. Lizzy wanted to stop Pablo until her enemy, Pablo shot a bullet on her.