Alyas Robin Hood (lit.Alias Robin Hood / English title: Bow of Justice) is an ongoing Philippine drama-action series broadcast by GMA Network starring Dingdong Dantes, Megan Young, and Andrea Torres. It premiered on September 19, 2016 on GMA Telebabad primetime block and also aired worldwide on GMA Pinoy TV. The first season ended its 23-week run on February 24, 2017, with a total of 115 episodes, and replaced by Destined to be Yours. A second season premiered on August 14, 2017 until November 24, 2017 which replaced My Love from the Star. It will be later replaced by Santa Santita on November 27, 2017.

According to its producers, the series was inspired by the English folklore, Robin Hood.

Plot Edit

Book 1 Edit

After being estranged from his family for some years, Pepe De Jesus returns home to make ammends with his parents, Jose De Jesus and Judy De Jesus. Pepe grew up someone who tends to start fights much to the dismay of his father who hates conflicts. He revealed to his family that he has changed his ways and is becoming a lawyer soon and was welcomed by his family including his father who was initially unhappy of his return. Pepe also gets to know a girl named Sarri Acosta.

All seems well for the De Jesus family until Pepe found his father dead apparently murdered by his own arrow which Pepe owned sinced he was a teenager. He seeks who was behind for the murder but he was blamed for the death of his own father and was convicted of a crime he didn't commit. While in transit to his prison, the vehicle carying Pepe was bombed and Pepe along with the vehicle fell from a bridge. He was later found by Venus, who taught him martial arts.

Everyone thought that Pepe is dead. Armed with a bow and arrow made by his best friend, Jekjek, Pepe takes advantage of the situation to find who really was behind the murder of his father under a secret identity. He will also have the opportunity to thwart the illegal operations of those he suspects to be behind his father's murders and the money earned from these illegal operations are redistributed to the people in need which caused him to be known as "Alyas Robin Hood", an alter ego he adopts while he clears his own name.

Book 2 Edit

After the events of the first season, Pepe is now a lawyer. After a terrorist attack at their City Hall cause the whole city officials, to be killed by a large explosion, Pepe goes vigilante again as he sets to find his mother, who was assumed as one of the killed hostages at the City Hall explosion, all while uncovering a conspiracy involving the city's new Mayor, Emilio Albano.

Cast and Characters Edit

Book 1 Edit

  • Dingdong Dantes - Jose Paolo 'Pepe' De Jesus / Alyas Robin Hood / Father Kokoy / Askal / Crisostomo 'Cris' Bonifacio
  • Julius Miguel - Young Pepe
  • Wil Ashley De Leon - Young Jekjek
  • Megan Young - Sarri Acosta
  • Andrea Torres - Venus / Clara Aguinaldo-Bonifacio

Book 2 Edit

  • Denise Barbacena as Prisoner 1
  • Arny Ross as Prisoner 2
  • Mara Alberto as Prisoner 3
  • Ces Aldaba - Judge
  • Prince Villanueva - Rex
  • Elle Ramirez - News Reporter
  • Lou Veloso - Aeta Member Tanglaw
  • Stephanie Sol - Rhodora
  • Phytos Ramirez - Kevin / Boy Yelo
  • Lharby Policarpio - Darwin
  • Sheena Halili - Lily
  • Kenken Nuyad - Bingo
  • Ina Feleo - Rosetta Rodrigo
  • Super Tekla - Yvonne Lady
  • Gabby Eigenmann - Dr. Nombre
  • Christopher De Leon - Jose De Jesus
  • Rochelle Pangilinan - Diana Dela Vega
  • Mikee Quintos - Marya
  • Dindo Arroyo - Paquito Domingo
  • Kiko Estrada - Iking


  • The name of the main character's name came from the american folk character "Robin Hood".
  • Alyas Robin Hood is the only Philippine TV Series that is known to be the "Philippine Rip Off Version" of the most hit American TV Series named "Arrow". The TV Series itself was teased by Arrow star, Stephen Amell.
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    Arrow star, Stephen Amell's reaction on Alyas Robin Hood.

Official Soundtrack / Songs in Alyas Robin Hood Edit

Schedule Edit

Book 1 Edit

  • 24 Oras - 6:30
  • Encantadia - 7:45
  • Alyas Robin Hood - 8:30
  • Someone To Watch Over Me - 9:15
  • The Healer (Monday - Wednesday) /A1 Ko Sayo (Thursday) / Bubble Gang (Friday) - 10:00

Book 2 Edit

  • 24 Oras - 6:30
  • Alyas Robin Hood (Starting on Aug. 14-September 15) / Super Ma'am (Starting on September 18) - 7:50
  • Mulawin vs. Ravena (Starting on Aug. 14 - September 15) / Alyas Robin Hood - 8:30 (Starting on September 18)
  • I Heart Davao (Starting on Aug. 14 - Aug. 18) / My Korean Jagiya (Starting on Aug. 21) - 9:15
  • Saimdang: Soulmates Across Time - 10:00 (Starting on Aug. 9 - Oct. 3) / Strong Girl Bong-Soon (Starting on Oct. 4)